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Spatial Technologies is a pioneer company on Spatial Information Systems in India

Spatial Technologies established at Hyderabad, India has been focussed on offering end to end solutions on Spatial Information Systems. The Company has been developing technologies in Spatial Technology related areas during the last few years. The Company has managed to retain its edge in the field by constantly updating its technology. The Company is now poised to play a significant role in the Global market by promoting State of Art technology, the only Company from India with a full suite of technologies.

In the rapidly evolving global market, organizations are evolving systems to act quickly and efficiently. Organizations are seeking new ways to collect, collate, manage and analyze data to retrieve meaningful information out of it. According to survey reports, hardly 3% of available data is analyzed. It is estimated that 90% of all corporate data has some kind of spatial component such as an address or a telephone or a PIN/ZIP code. Spatial Technology is retrieval of geo-referenced information that reveals spatial patterns and spatial linkages not seen on conventional statistical data. An increasingly large number of government organizations and business houses are trying to make use of this technology to derive meaningful information from the data.

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